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Since 1983

Village Frame Gallery

Village Frame Gallery has been operating in the West University area since 1983. Over the years our company responded to our customer’s needs by expanding our services. We take pride in exceeding our customer’s expectations by producing beautiful, quality work and providing first-class customer service. 


Michele Granit, Owner

In 1983, Michele pursued her passion for art and design when she opened Village Frame Gallery. She has been working with residential and corporate clients in the Houston area for 39 years. Her mission has always been the same: to sell high quality frames, preserve artwork to museum standards, and to provide excellent customer service.


When Michele isn’t relishing her time at the gallery, she is likely to be at a knitting retreat or traveling to various markets to check out the latest trends to ensure Village Frame Gallery has the best that the world has to offer in framing and artwork.


For Michele, her work is a series of delightful adventures. She never knows what she will be framing next: a child’s drawing, an original Picasso, a stunning piece of antique lace, or even a Samurai sword. Whatever the piece, the objective is the same: to create something that is unique to the customer’s taste, aesthetically pleasing and preserved so it will last a lifetime.


Juliana Montgomery, Designer

Julie is not just a designer: she is the “Face of Village Frame Gallery”. She is the person you see when you walk in the door: the “presence” behind the counter who is consulting with a customer or greeting you with a smiling face. If the other designers are cogs in the wheel that is Village Frame, Julie is the one who holds it all together.

A native Houstonian, Julie has been with Village Frame Gallery for 21 years, she inspires confidence in everyone who works with her. She is clearly a “people person”, and loves her customer. She assists clients during the design process and is always mindful to work within their budgets. Julie’s dedication to find the “perfect” frame and her tremendous attention to detail are talents that inspire clients to return.

She has her own personal assistant: Pearl, a five-pound Pomeranian who has been working at the gallery since she was 12 weeks old. Pearl’s job is to greet customers, especially children, and escort the mailman or UPS as they leave.

When she’s not working, Julie loves to travel with family and friends. Whether it’s spending a week in Paris or planning her next destination. Julie is a fountain of knowledge and clients enjoy spending time with her.


Mahshid Buford, Buyer

As buyer of gifts for Village Frame Gallery, Mahshid brings an extensive background in design and is most passionate about her work.

Those who have visited the gallery with its lovely display of unique gifts, can attest to her talents as a buyer and designer. She travels throughout the year to buy gifts and home accessories. If you need a gift for any occasion, Mahshid is your best bet. Not only can she help you pick out something amazing, she can also provide the most gorgeous gift wrapping you’ve ever seen.


Her ability is boundless and her enthusiasm is infectious. She loves to assist customers and is always eager to help with decorating dilemmas. To Mahshid, service is always first and foremost, which helps explain why Village Frame Gallery has been a destination for generations of Houstonians. 


Penina Partsch, Framer/Designer

Penina is the newest member of the Village Frame Gallery team. Born and raised in Houston, over the years she has acquired 18 years of framing experience.

She brings a gift of creativity to Village Frame Gallery. “I love working with specialty projects, such as shadow boxes”. Most recently, she was asked to frame a set of heirloom silverware that could be accessed from the back for practical use. Voila! Penina figured out a way to make it happen. She also applied her “wizardry” to frame a baseball glove, and even a wedding dress.

As a framer and designer, Penina enjoys the challenge of mounting items to ensure preservation. When it comes to family memorabilia, she is careful to find design elements that make the artwork aesthetically pleasing.

“Art and music were part of our life growing up,” she remembers. Today, Penina sings with her uncle’s band, “Coco and the Players.” She also enjoys cooking and traveling. Next on her traveling schedule is a visit to her family’s native country, Samoa.


Pearl, resident greeter

Pearl joined Juliana at Village Frame Gallery on Saturday, Easter weekend, 2012. Her full and registered name is Black Pearl of Geneva and was born in 2012 in Austin, Texas. Pearl is a full-blooded toy Pomeranian. She is intelligent, thoughtful, and empathetic.

She immediately became the official greeter at Village Frame and developed a loyal fan base. Pearl excels at her job. She loves men, women and children. If you sit cross legged on the floor she will invariably hop into your lap for a mutual adoration session. 

Pearl enjoys adoration, short but frequent walks, and playing fetch. She enjoys playing fetch for short periods of time and will give you a high five upon request. Her favorite foods are baked, broiled or smoked salmon, Wagyu steaks, and Bluebell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. Her favorite musicians are Willie Nelson, Sarah McLachlan and Bruno Mars.

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